Free Website Monitoring, Uptime, Alerts, Reports & Graphs

MonTools is a powerful yet easy to use free website monitoring service. It checks your website or server at regular intervals specified by you and sends you an email, sms, twitter alert or a voice phone call as soon as it detects that your site is down. Most of our services are free.

Website monitoring is extremely essential to ensure that your website is available to users and downtime is minimized. Visitors that rely on your website will get frustrated and eventually stop using your website if it is not reliable. Even your search engine rankings may disappear if your site is down frequently or for longer periods.

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Monitor Types
Website MonitoringticktickAny website, webpage or URL, also called HTTP monitor
HTTPS MonitoringticktickSecure website monitor or SSL monitor
FTP MonitoringticktickFTP server monitor
Apache MonitoringticktickMonitors failure, overload or other Apache parameters
MySQL MonitoringticktickMonitors failure, overload or other MySQL parameters
IMAP MonitoringticktickMonitors IMAP email server
POP3 MonitoringticktickMonitors POP3 email server
SMTP MonitoringticktickMonitors SMTP email server
API MonitoringticktickExtracts and monitors parameters from a text or xml URL
Ping MonitoringticktickMonitors using ICMP (true ping) or TCP (custom ping)
DNS MonitoringticktickMonitors DNS server or entries
SNMP MonitoringticktickMonitors server load, memory, disk using open source sw
Monitor Options
Monitoring Interval30 min. to 1 day1 sec. to 1 dayTime between checks
Monitoring Nodes66Multiple monitoring locations for reliability
Maintenance Windows1tickPause monitoring during maintenance activities
Check SSL CertificateticktickSend alert if SSL certificate invalid or expired
Custom Timeout-tickSets how long a monitor waits for a response
Pwd. Protected Pages-tickMonitor password protected websites or webpages
HTTP POST Variables-tickMonitor forms on webpages
Keyword Search-tickSend alert if keyword found or not found
Custom Ports-tickMonitor custom ports for any monitor type
Slave MonitorsticktickAdd multiple monitors without loading your website
Email AlertsticktickFailure alerts sent by email
SMS AlertsticktickFree to 100+ carriers
Twitter AlertsticktickFree SMS alerts using Twitter private messaging
Voice Alerts-tickAutomated voice alerts to your phone
URL CallbackticktickReport failure to a URL, eg. for further automation
Alert SkipticktickAllows alerts to be delayed or sent immediately
Alert LimitticktickAllows alerts to be limited in case of continuous failures
Alert Contacts3tickAllows alerts to be sent to multiple people
Alert Policies1tickAllows common alert policy for monitors with similar alerts
Escalation Policies1tickAllows multiple alert levels
Work Shifts1tickLimit alerts based on employee working times
Custom Alert Criteria-tickFor example, server load > 0.9, Memory Free < 10%
Status PageticktickMonitor status without login (Hide-able)
Uptime StatsticktickUptime/downtime statistics
Uptime LogsticktickDetailed uptime/downtime logs
Uptime GraphticktickUptime/downtime graph
Response Time StatsticktickResponse time statistics
Response Time LogsticktickDetailed response time logs
Response Time GraphticktickResponse time graph
Failure ReasonticktickReason of monitor failure in alerts and logs
Uptime ButtonticktickBrag your uptime on your website
Custom Summary Page1tickMultiple monitor status without login (Hide-able)
Custom Stats-tickStats for custom parameters like server load
Custom Logs-tickLog values of custom parameters
Custom Graph-tickPlot graphs of custom parameters
Custom TimezoneticktickAdjust website time to your local time
Manual Monitor TestticktickCheck manually if your website or server is working
Manual Alert TestticktickVerify that the alerts are sent correctly
Value for Money
Funds Validity-1 YearFunds are consumed only for the paid services used.
Leftover funds are carried over to the next month.

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